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    - Gaining university credit
    - Selecting the courses you want to apply in advance
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I SAT ll Exam Information


1. SAT Subject exam is required to pass the US top 50 universities

The SAT Subject Test is a test to measure the student’s knowledge of a particular subject.Mathematics Level I & II, Biology E / M, Chemistry, English Literature, Physics, World History, US History, Foreign Language etc. You can choose from a total of 20 subject-specific tests Most of the questions are multiple-choice, and some tests in the foreign language area include listening assessment items.Most prestigious universities require two SAT test scores, but some colleges require three.

2. Exam preparation

– It usually starts from grade 9 and progresses to grade 11 at the latest.

3. Course selection

– 6 courses in English, history, social science, mathematics, science, foreign language, 3 out of 20 subjects.

– Good subject or future hope major. Students who want to enter engineering college are Physics and Math II. If they aim at medical school, they will select Chemistry or Biology course (all subjects are all 800 points)

  1. Literature
  2. U.S. History
  3. World History
  4. Mathematics Level 1
  5. Mathematics Level 2
  6. Biology E/M, Ecological/Molecular
  7. Chemistry
  8. Physics
  9. French
  10. French with Listening
  11. German
  12. German with Listening
  13. Spanish
  14. Spanish with Listening
  15. Modern Hebrew
  16. Italian
  17. Latin
  18. Chinese with Listening
  19. Japanese with Listening
  20. Korean with Listening

4. Test time/number of questions for each subject

– Divided by multiple choice, depending on the subject, within one hour, 50 ~ 90 questions

  1. Mathematics Level 1: test time 60mins, 50 Questions
  2. Mathematics Level 2: test time 60mins, 50 Questions (Higher than Math Level 1)
  3. Physics: test time 60mins, 75 Questions (Can not use calculator)
  4. Chemistry: test time 60mins, 85 Questions
  5. Biology E/M test time 60mins, 80 Questions (fewer full marks Compared to other subjects)
  6. Literature: test time 60mins, 60 Questions
  7. U.S. History: test time 60mins, 90 Questions
  8. World History: test time 60mins, 95 Questions

II AP Information


1. What is AP Exam? Advanced Placement

– Provide University-level classes for high school students who enable students to earn university credit throughout the world every May.

2. AP Exam Benefits

  1. Acquisition of credits

    Students who have achieved a score of 4 to 5 can receive recognition credit after entering university.

  2. Assignment Addition Point

    AP 시험에서 좋은 성적을 거두면 학생의 학습능력에 대한 신뢰를 대학에 심어줄 수 있습니다. AP 시험을 통해 본인의 academic level을 입증하는 것은 대학 입학 시 가산점으로 작용할 수 있습니다.

  3. Writing skills improvement

    AP 과목 수업을 통해 Academic writing 실력을 향상시킬 수 있습니다.

  4. Establish study habits

    AP 과정은 자기관리, 학습계획이 없이는 따라갈 수 없는 커리큘럼으로 이루어져 있기 때문에 AP 과목을 수강하면서 양질의 공부습관을 기를 수 있습니다. 에임하이스쿨에서는 시험준비 학생들을 위한 AP 과정 전 과목 강의를 실시하고 있으며, 미국 명문대학 출신의 강사진이 전공 수업을 진행합니다.

3. Exam preparation

– 자신이 지원할 대학교에서 AP 점수를 학점으로 인정하는지 꼼꼼히 체크하고, AP 과정을 제공하지 않는 학교에 다닌다면 스스로 공부 계획을 세워 고득점 달성

4. Test subject

English English Literature, English Language
World Language Spanish Language, Spanish Literature and Culture,
Chinese Language and Culture,
Japanese Language and Culture,
French Language and Culture,
Italian Language and Culture,
German Language and Culture
Mathematics Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Computer Science A, Statistics
Science Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Physics B, Physics C-Mechanics, Physics C-Electricity and Magnetism
History and
Social Sciences
Macroeconomics, Microeconomics,
US History, European History, World History, Human Geography,
Government and Politics: U.S., Psychology, Government and Politics: Comparative
Arts Studio Art, Art History, Music Theory

5. . Exam Schedule

– The AP test is held every May, and the duration is slightly different, but it lasts about ten days from 1 to 3 weeks.

– It is divided into morning and afternoon, and the examination is conducted.

– Students preparing AP and SAT Subject at the same time will take the SAT in June and take the SAT Subject Exam in June.

6. Test result

– Students who score 4 or more (5 or more in the case of a prominent  will benefit from universities entrance examination)